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Dr. Manish Khatri, a distinguished periodontist with a legacy of expertise spanning decades in treating oral gum diseases. Renowned for his deep understanding of periodontal health, he stands as a leading authority in oral care. Dr. Khatri's precision and commitment shine through his transformative treatments, offering long-term relief from issues like bleeding gums, recessed gums, and bad breath. With his meticulous approach and extensive experience, he provides holistic oral health solutions, restoring confidence and comfort to his patients. Entrust your periodontal well-being to Dr. Khatri for a journey to healthier gums and lasting oral vitality.

Meet Our Team

Proven Professionals


Dr. H.R. Prem Sachdeva, the visionary Chairman of our clinics and CEO of Church Gate Medical Charitable Society. With remarkable skill, he has garnered praise from dignitaries, including former Prime Ministers and Presidents of India, for his expertise. Boasting over 50 years of experience, Dr. Sachdeva's leadership propels our enterprise to excellence. His commitment to healthcare and unwavering dedication to the field define a legacy that continues to shape the future of dental care. Driven by his passion, our clinics stand as a testament to his profound influence and expertise, impacting lives and smiles for generations to come.


Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva, the esteemed Senior Manager at our West Delhi branch. Renowned for his exceptional skill in prosthetic dentistry, he crafts transformative smiles through unparalleled prosthetic treatments. With a legacy spanning two decades, he has been a beacon of dental rehabilitation, empowering patients to regain their confidence. Dr. Sachdeva's dedication to his craft and commitment to patient care shine through his work. For 20 years, he has been at the forefront of dental excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the art of dentistry and the smiles he creates.


Dr. Anil Miglani, a distinguished orthodontist with extensive experience and a specialization in smile rehabilitation. With a keen understanding of the transformative power of orthodontics, he has honed his expertise to craft radiant and confident smiles. Dr. Miglani's dedication to enhancing smiles goes beyond aesthetics; it encompasses the holistic well-being of his patients. Through his mastery in orthodontics, he not only aligns teeth but also restores self-assurance. With a track record of bringing smiles to life, Dr. Miglani's passion and proficiency illuminate his commitment to creating lasting, beautiful transformations.


Dr. Surya Yadav, an adept practitioner specializing in root canals and extractions. When your wisdom tooth causes discomfort, he is the go-to expert. Dr. Yadav's expertise shines through his skillful execution, offering painless and efficient procedures. His finesse ensures a dental experience free from exhaustion. With a focus on preserving your oral health, his proficiency in root canals and extractions transforms daunting procedures into seamless journeys to relief. Trust Dr. Yadav for a professional touch that eases discomfort and ensures your dental well-being.


Dr. Dhanpal, a dedicated implantologist with a niche in full mouth rehabilitation cases. With finesse in both conventional and immediate loading implants, he excels in restoring smiles and confidence. Dr. Dhanpal's hallmark is his patient-centric approach—listening intently to his patients and devising comprehensive treatment plans accordingly. Whether it's transforming lives through implant procedures or crafting personalized solutions, his skill lies in precision and understanding. Entrust your smile to Dr. Dhanpal for an expertly executed full mouth rehabilitation journey, where each step is marked by proficiency and compassion.

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